Vice Minister of Justice

Photo of the Vice Minister
Basic Information
Name in Full Kim Osu
Education LL.B. College of Law, Seoul National University
Gwangju Daedong High School
- Passed the 30th National Bar Exam
Work Experience
1994 Prosecutor, Incheon District Prosecutors' Office
2005 Chief Prosecutor, Jangheung Branch of Gwangju District Prosecutors' Office
2006 Director, Special Investigation Department, Incheon District Prosecutorsí» Office
2007 Director, Criminal Department 5, Seoul Western District Prosecutorsí» Office
2008 Director, Criminal Intelligence Division I, Supreme Prosecutorsí» Office
2009 Director, Special Investigation Department I,
Seoul Central District Prosecutorsí» Office
Aug. 2009 Chief Prosecutor, Wonju Branch of Chuncheon District Prosecutorsí» Office
Aug. 2010 Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Seongnam Branch of Suwon District Prosecutorsí» Office
Sep. 2011 Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Cheongju District Prosecutorsí» Office
Jul. 2012 Seoul High Prosecutorsí» Office (Seconded to the Korea Fair Trade Commission)
Apr. 2013 1st Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Busan District Prosecutorsí» Office
Dec. 2013 Director, Criminal Department, Seoul High Prosecutorsí» Office
Feb. 2015 Chief Officer, Forensic Science Planning, Supreme Prosecutorsí» office
Dec. 2015 Chief Prosecutor, Seoul Northern District Prosecutorsí» Office
Aug. 2017 President, Institute of Justice
Jun. 2018 ~ Present Vice Minister, Ministry of Justice