Vision & Policy Goals

1. Eradicate Corruption and Illegal Acts

We will thoroughly eradicate and crack
Eradicate Corruption down on corruptions and illegal acts!

1 Root Out Corruptions by Thorough Investigation

Our Ministry will operate special investigation task force to root out chronic corruption in public administration and defense industry particularly related with subsidy and contribution that cause immense fiscal loss.
Reinforce Corruption Investigation Capability
Defense Industry
Investigation Division for Defense Industry Corruption
Central Gov.
Special Investigation Task Force for Corruption
Local Gov.
Reinforce investigation capability in each local gov.

Response to Corruption
Corruption Investigation Team

Establish Special Investigation Task Force for Corruption

Investigate mega corruption cases

Establish Special Investigation Team for Defense Industry Corruption

Conduct joint investigation with the Ministry of National Defense

graph(Exposure of Corruption in Subsidies)
Exposure of Corruption in Subsidies
year Exposed Arrested Amount of Money
2014 884 (pers) 174 109.3 bn Won)
2015 884 (pers) 243 348.6 bn (Won)

Source : Supreme Prosecutors¡¯ Office

2014 ¡æ 2015
Wipe out structural corruption in public sector

Root out corruption and illegal actions in public system

Fiscal loss in public institutions, pursuit of private interests

Block national budget loss in subsidies and contributions by intensive investigation

Share information and cooperate with related agencies, strengthen punishment

2 Systematical Response to Corruption

The MOJ will strongly punish antitrust acts and securities fraud as well as firmly establish advanced market economy by forfeiting proceeds of crime. Also, we will put more efforts into uncovering relatively unknown corruptions in legal and media industries. Corruptions in major national projects will be screened and blocked in advance by prosecutors and government agencies will share information to prevent corrupt actions.
Government Fund Recovery Litigation Team at the Ministry of Justice
Prosecutors¡¯ Office
Defraud of national fund
Embezzlement of national property
Korea Fair Trade Commission
Government order bid rigging
Ministry of Justice
Government Fund Recovery Litigation Team
Litigation Support
Administrative office
File a lawsuit
Korean Government Legal Service

Corruptions in Private Sector
Fundamental eradication of corruptions in private sector

Establish advanced market economy

Uncovering securities fraud, tax evasion, antitrust and forfeiting proceeds of crime

Thoroughly respond to white-collar corruptions

Intensive crackdown on educational, legal and media industries

graph(Clean Feedback System)

Clean feelback
Prevent corruption through collaboration with other government agencies

Prevent corruption in advance

Prosecutors¡¯ advance verification on the Winter Olympic Games and defense industry

Prevent reoccurrence of corruption by structural improvement

Inter-departmental information sharing of cause of corruption ¡æ complete survey ¡æ improved system

3 Build a Platform for Clean and Fair Election

Election fraud will be strictly punished!

Jointly collaborating with the National Election Commission to hold clean and fair national election, emergency evidence gathering of illegal election activities has become possible before report. Also, major election crimes such as aggravating regionalism, slander, dissemination of false fact, bribery, and conspiracy will be strongly prohibited. Therefore, any election candidate who commits such illegality will be prevented from becoming a representative of people.
Existing process
Existing process
report from the National Election Commission ¡æ prosecutors¡¯ investigation gathering evidence ¡æ crime
New system
NEC¡¯s report and prosecutors¡¯ investigation ¡æ emergency report and evidence gathering

Clean and Fair Election
Strictly punish election crimes

Emergency notification before accusation

Secure evidence before reporting to the NEC

Establish real-time election crime investigation control system
3 major election crimes
Bribery and collusion during the process of reorganization of constituency
Aggravating regionalism, slander, accusation
Public opinion manipulation
Proxy vote, survey manipulation

3 Major Election Crimes
Strict crackdown on illegal election to preserve constitutional order

Major crimes such as dissemination of false

Establish new punishment rule for regionalism and slander

Block any pro-North Korea political party that tries to illegally intervene in an election

4 Prohibit Illegal Activities in Demonstration

While permitting non-violent demonstration and guaranteeing freedom of expression, any illegal acts and violence in demonstration will be strictly controlled. In case of assaulting police and wearing mask at a riot, punishment will be aggravated and civil damage will be thoroughly restituted.
Social Cost for Violent Demonstration
cost per riot
£Ü 91 bn.
annual cost (2015)
£Ü 2.73 trillion

£Ü 2.73 trillionn
Prompt on-site response

Strictly control illegal acts at initial stage

Punish a person who crosses police line or obstruct roads

Preemptive response to any illegal acts

Arrest on site and dissolution of riots

Aggravated punishment

Assaulting police, Wearing mask, Using rope and ladder

Illegal acts
Ask civil and criminal responsibility of demonstrators

Zero-tolerance against illegal and violent acts

Aggravated punishment on assaulting police, wearing mask and using rope and ladder

Ask illegal demonstrator a claim for damage

Reinforcing capability of on-site evidence collecting and staff up litigation experts

2. Crime Prevention and Victim Protection

We will protect our people from crime with our utmost effort!

1 Strongly respond to the crime against women and children

Our Ministry will operate special investigation task force to root out chronic corruption in public administration and defense industry particularly related with subsidy and contribution that cause immense fiscal loss.
Reinforce Corruption Investigation Capability

No Violence against, Women! No Child Abuse!, Strictly punish

Help Vulnerable Population
Strictly respond to crime against children and women

Preemptive report system for child abuse

Expand scope of mandatory reporter, improve total inspection of children who are long absent from school

Heavier punishment on violence against women

Arrest and investigate habitual criminal/offender, raise the bar for parole

graph(Exposure of Corruption in Subsidies)

4 Major Social Evils
Wipe out structural corruption in public sector

Sex Crime

Development of Korea¡¯s own psychological test for sex offenders

Domestic Violence

Monitoring whole system such as deprivation of parental rights, conditional suspension of execution

School Violence

Prevention of cyber bullying and verbal violence

Unsafe Food

Intensive crackdown on unqualified or unsafe children¡¯s food manufacturer

2 Systematical Response to Corruption

Against voice phishing crime organization, heavy punishment will be sentenced. To eradicate drug and gamble addiction, more active monitoring will be implemented. Also, any fraudulent crimes against young job seekers and innocent people will be strictly punished.
Illegal Gamble Market in Korea

£Ü 75 trillion

Online Gambling £Ü 34 trillion
Sports Gambling £Ü 7.6 trillion
Horse Racing Gambling £Ü 9.9 trillion
Online Gambling (others) £Ü 16.5 trillion

Source : The National Gambling Control Commission, Prime Minister¡¯s Secretariat

KRW 75 trillion
Reinforce Investigation on Crimes

Reinforce investigation on crimes threatening people¡¯s livelihood

Heavy punishment on voice phishing and employment fraud

Eradicate any crime related with drug and gamble addiction

Shut out illegal website, introduce education for treatment and rehabilitation of addiction

Number of people who died from traffic accident (per 100,000 people)
10.8 (pers)
10.1 (pers)
9.4 (pers)
In 2013, OECD
5.4 (pers)

Source : Korea National Police Agency (statistics on 2015)

5.4 people
Improve infrastructure to prevent traffic accident

Strengthen punishment on DUI

Raise imprisonment and sentencing criteria, imposing responsibility on fellow passenger

Encourage people to keep traffic rule

Increase automated control, encourage yield, prohibit tailgate

3 Build a Platform for Clean and Fair Election

A Safe Nation Where People Can Enjoy Peaceful Daily Lives

The MOJ will reinforce crime prevention by developing intelligent electronic monitoring anklet which can forecast the signs of re-offense by using biometric data and strictly supervising illegal immigrants and foreign criminals. CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) and i-Pre Checking, a system checking suspicious foreign travelers before they board flights, will help people be free from anxiety over crime.
Smart Watch (Police mobilization, Report toguardian)

Prevention of Recidivism
Systematization of recidivism prevention system

Development of one-piece intelligent electronic monitoring anklet

Perception of reoffense signs by analyzing offender¡¯s biological information such as pulse and temperature

Prevent revenge crime by using smart watch

Install surveillance cameras around crime victim¡¯s residence

How Safe People Feel after CPTED? (2015)

Before : 56.5%, After : 73.2%

73.2 %
Control any factors that cause crime

Illegal immigrant and foreign criminal

To reduce illegal immigrants to under 10% (11.3% (2015) ¡æ 9.3% (2018))

CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design)

Collaborate with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, encourage public participation

4 Reduce Recidivism through Efficient Correctional Service

We will provide tailored recidivism prevention treatment for juvenile delinquent such as rehabilitation and vocational training and more opportunities for inmates to have improved character-building education and vocational training. We will help inmates to return to their communities successfully and reduce recidivism.
Correctional education according to level of crime

Reduce Recidivism of Juvenile Delinquents
Correctional education according to level of crime


Tailored rehabilitation and education for new youth offenders


Intensive juvenile protection education and reduction of reoffending

Return to society

Residential and vocational support for successful return to society


Efficient Reformation and Rehabilitation
Build infrastructure to help inmates¡¯resettlement in society

Improve and develop character-building education program

Deliver video lecture (liberal arts education) for inmates in the prison premise

Increase job opportunities and vocational training and support

4800 experts, 300 companies

3. Build Rule of Law

We will build the rule of law that makes all people happy!

1 Rule of Law that Supports Economic Development

As part of expanding more legal supports for business, the MOJ will improve intellectual property protection system for the SMEs and ventures matching 1 venture with 1 legal counsel. Also, to allow foreign visitors to use immigration services more conveniently, so called ¡°Hallyu (global popularity of South Korean culture) Visa¡± will be newly established and automated passport control service will be expanded.
Support IP-related Crime Investigation

Head Quarter Daejeon District Prosecutors¡¯ Office, Legal Experts-Patent Lawyers Hire patent attorney as advisor

IP Protection
Trustful supporter for SMEs and ventures

Transform IPR protection system

Build fast and accurate investigation system by appointing HQ

Expand legal support and improve litigation process

Staff up legal experts at Creative Economy Innovation Center and 9988 Legal Support Team

Foreign Visitors/Tourists and Their Consumption in Korea (2015)
Foreign Visitors/Tourists and Their Consumption in Korea info table
Month people amount
May(outbreak of MERS) 1 million £Ü 1.8 trillion
Jun 440K £Ü 800 bn
Jul 380K £Ü 600 bn
Aug 650K £Ü 1.2tr
Sept 820K £Ü 1.5 tr
Oct 980K £Ü 1.7 tr

£Ü 1.8 trillion
Convenient/Customized immigration service for tourists

Visa issuance to boost domestic consumption

Simplified visa issuance to foreigners who are working in fashion and beauty industry

Expand more convenient immigration service for tourists

Automated passport control and extension of period of stay

2 Legal Service that Meets the Global Standards

We will foster favorable business condition for Korean companies in developing nations by cooperating with them in legislative works, for example, introducing Korea Information System of Criminal Justice Services and immigration control system to Latin America. Also, we will grow Korean legal industry globally by establishing human and physical infrastructures for international arbitration.
K-Law Project, Build System for Legal Technical Assistance

Legal Technical Cooperation Program

Expand more legal technical assistance for developing nations

Foster Korean-business friendly legal environment

Introduce Korea¡¯s advanced legal systems

Korea Information System of Criminal Justice Services and border control system

Expected Annual Benefit from International Arbitration (230 cases/year) (the same amount of cases in Singapore),£Ü 600 bn

£Ü 600 billion
Raise global competitiveness

Economic growth through attracting more international arbitrations

Build arbitration complex, revise arbitration law

Promote arbitration industry

Enact Promotion Act for Arbitration Industry, nurture arbitration experts

3 People-oriented legislation

We will make all people happy with our policies!

The MOJ will amend any law that undermines people¡¯s lives by collaborating with other government agencies. We will try to listen to the voices of people through diverse campaigns and events and reflect them in our policies. At the same time, alternative dispute resolution systems will be developed and notary system will be improved in a more convenient way to prevent dispute.
Major Amendments
Act on Condominium Buildings
Solve neighbor¡¯s noise dispute and excessive collection of maintenance cost
Commercial Building Lease Protection Act
Protect mom-andpop store owner¡¯s premium
Enforcement Decree of the Commercial Act
Reduce small business owners¡¯ burden of keeping commercial book

People-oriented legislation
Improve and amend inconvenient laws and rules

Legislate useful law for all people

Hold discussion/on-site seminars, collaborate with other government agencies

Tailored legislation for consumers

Hold diverse public engagement forum and discussion

Video Notarization System

Start video notarization.

Notary, Client

Date: March 1, 2016 (13:40)

Entrusted Document - document.pdf

Video Notary System
Reduce social cost for dispute resolution

Build effective alternative dispute resolution system

Enact basic law for alternative dispute resolution system

Improve notary system to prevent dispute

Expand the scope of notary, introduce video notary system

4 Help People in Need with Effective Legal Support

We will expand our financial support for crime victims. As part of our legal services, Ma-eul Lawyers around the nation will provide legal advisory services to people living in rural or remote places. Also, we will increase Pro-bono Travelling Lawyers.
Smile Center - 10 Smile Centers around the nation (by the end of 2016)

Smile center
Recover victims¡¯ damage from crime

Financial support for crime victims

Expand scope of direct support (medical and life expense £Ü17.2 billion ¡æ £Ü19.6 billion)

Psychological support for felony victim

Opened 10 Smile Centers

Supportive legal guardians
Type Beneficiary Function
Ma-eul Lawyer Pro-bono lawyer Rural area Online counseling
Pro-bono Travelling Lawyer MOJ lawyers Low income people Welfare service
Korea Legal Aid Corporation KLAC lawyers General public Litigation aid

67 %
Supportive legal guardians for people in need

Tailored Ma-eul Lawyers¡¯ legal counseling

MOU with local government

Expand legal welfare service

Increase Pro-bono Travelling Lawyers, expand scope of recipients (67% of all households)