URL Description
Crime Prevention Policy Bureau(only korean) Responsible for comprehensive plans for community safety policies on Probation and Parole Office, GPS Tracking and Monitoring Center, Juvenile Training School, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Center, and Institute of Forensic Psychiatry / providing information on voluntary service, online civil complaint, administration data, and related policies
Human Rights Bureau(only korean) Introducing Human Rights Bureau, providing news regarding human rights, operating community for civil participation & human rights violation report center
KOREA CORRECTIONAL SERVICE Information on correctional facility and detention center, inmate treatment, correction Civil Application Including internet letter, reception reservation and operation of Public Information Center for Prison Labor Products s
KOREA IMMIGRATION SERVICE Introduction of the Korea Immigration Service and its affiliated-organizations Provision of information on main duties and functions of the KIS, including immigration clearance service and management of foreign residents
The National Bar Examination(only korean) Information on the National Bar Examination and the Legal Ethics Examination, exam announcements, past exams, and the related laws and regulations
The National Judicial Examination(only korean) Information on the National Judicial Exam, qualifications for application, individual exam result/score, past exams, and the related laws and regulations
Daejeon Solomon Law park(only korean) Providing information on the one and only theme park in Korea and offering diverse experience and training programs for children, teenagers and adults to get familiarized with law through play and fun [located at Yuseong-gu, Daejeon]
Busan Solomon Law park(only korean) Providing information on the one and only theme park in Korea and offering diverse experience and training programs for children, teenagers and adults to get familiarized with law through play and fun [located at Buk-gu, Busan]
Law&Order Advancement Division(only korean) Providing information on law education programs for children, teenagers and adults (daily life law quiz contest for middle school students, mock trial contest for high school students, law education trainer program, etc.) and conducting a law & order campaign
Love-Law Cyberland(only korean) Providing an opportunity for children, teenagers and even adults to learn more about laws and social orders and offering a variety of educational gaming services and video materials to raise public awareness of the importance of laws and enable visitors to experience the legal system
9988 Legal Advisory Group for SME(SME : Small & Medium Enterprise)s(only korean) introduction of ¡®9988 Legal Advisory Group for SMEs¡¯, reception of case, guidance material
Public Disclosure System of Charitable Trusts(only korean) Introduction, public disclosure of Charitable Trusts, information, board
Electronic Notarization(only korean) Authentification of Electronic or Computerized Documents(e.g.:the deeds signed by private persons, the articles of assosiation and the minutes of corporation),digital signatures, preservation of authenticated electronic documents, provision of authenticated information
Unification Legislation Database(only korean) Provides texts of North Korean law·Inter-Korean exchange related law·Foreign law and research materials related to North Korean legislation·Inter-Korea relationship legislation·Legislation for preparation of unification·Foreign legislation and etc.
KICS(Korea Information System of Criminal Justice Services) Portal Providing services including inquiries on case proceedings, fines and court records and notices, e-petition service, and online search for victim support agencies
HiKorea An e-Government website for foreigners that provides e-application and visit reservation (immigration office) services, and information on application procedures, recruitment, employment, investment, etc.
Korea Visa Portal A dedicated website that provides application services for an e-visa and online Visa Confirmation Issuance, and useful visa-relevant information including visa categories by entry purposes and required documents for each visa
Smart Entry Service General introduction of the automated immigration clearance system, including the information of eligibility, application procedure, fee and other services
Immigration & Social Integration Network(only korean) Application for and introduction to International Marriage Guidance Program, Initial Adjustment Support Program for Immigrants, and Korea Immigration & Integration Program
Institute of Justice Introducing IOJ, training and research study schedule and providing information on programs for foreign legal officials, white papers on crime, and prosecutors¡¯ research materials
IOM Migration Research and Training Centre An institute specializing in research on migration policies, research on domestic/global migration policy trends & execution of training, Provision of information on international seminars & fora
Korea Legal Aid Corporation Legal counseling and representation by staff lawyers, public-service advocates, Criminal defence service, Pro bono, etc.
Individual Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy Comprehensive Support Center(only korean) Providing legal aid for individual rehabilitation/bankruptcy & immunity cases to help debtors who are faced with livelihood collapse due to financial difficulties
Law-related Education Center Running practical educational programs on Korean law and legal system to help multi-cultural families to settle down in Korea
KOREA REHABILITATION AGENCY(only korean) Introducing the organization, rehabilitation projects for ex-cons, major project performances, good case stories, voluntary activities, etc.
Korean Government Legal Service(only korean) Providing information on KGLS, practice areas, professionals, firm news, deals & cases
Korean Lawyers Association(only korean) Introducing the Association, its publications and projects such as Legal Voluntary Service Award Presentation and the Community Service Organization Support
National Federation of Crime Prevention Committee(only korean) Carrying out citizens¡¯ campaigns to let the general public know the significance of law and order in society as one of the biggest volunteer organizations in Korea and helping criminals through one-to-one mentoring service and monetary donation
O.K. Project (Overseas Experience for Korean Young Lawyers Project)(only korean) Introduction of O.K. Project, O.K. Academy schedule and lecture materials, current statistics of overseas Korean young lawyers