Deputy Minister for Planning & Coordination

We will improve the Ministrys policies to take a step closer to the public and ensure their benefits from such policies!

We will strive to make changes people can see and feel.

Photo : The consumer-centered Happy Public Service Center

Promoting policies focusing on the public and their welfare

We establish, implement and evaluate major policies, including national initiatives with close attention to the views of the public and front-line officers.

Happy Public Service Center to deliver customer services in the position of the public

We will listen to the voices of the public and front-line officers and resolve their grievances.

Photo : Providing safe, convenient and public-centered legal information services

Build public-friendly and advanced legal facilities

We will build safe, accessible and public-friendly legal facilities by applying advanced technologies and public opinions.

Provide information about criminal cases

The Korea Information System of Criminal-Justice Services website and mobile application are available for people involved in criminal cases to receive information on the progress of their case. We will strive to ensure more convenient access to the users.

Swift handling of DUI and unlicensed driving and traffic accidents

Our digitized service allows DUI and unlicensed driving cases to be handled swiftly. We will extend this system to car accidents in the near future.

Efficient legal administration and public-oriented e-customer services

We deliver public-oriented services by preventing information leaks caused by cyber threats, such as hacking and malware and promoting openness, sharing, communication and cooperation.

Deputy Minister for Planning & Coordination
Office of Policy Development Assists the Deputy Minister for Planning and Coordination
Office of Emergency Safety Planning Sets up and implements plans for national emergency and disaster management
Office of Planning and Budget Responsible for budget, major project planning, cooperation with the National Assembly and political parties
Office of Innovative Administration Responsible for personnel management, organizational, administrative, and regulatory reforms, management and assessment of national initiatives and customer service
Office of Facility Management Sets up and implements construction plans and design of the MOJs facilities
Office of Information Management Sets up and implements plans for data processing and information management
Office of Criminal Justice Information System Provides information about criminal cases (, and digitizes criminal proceedings
Office of Planning Prosecutors Caring for establishment, coordination, survey and research for the projects and policies of MOJ