Legal Affairs Office

Our efforts to improve law and systems pave the way for our citizens¡¯ happy lives.

We prepare for the future by assisting in legislation for enhanced legal services and a creative economy and building up legal systems and facilities that meet the needs of the globalized world

Customized legal services

Every month, our public prosecutors deliver ¡®easy and fun¡¯ legal education to North Korean defectors, using actual cases as examples. ¡®Legal officers exclusively in charge of North Korean defectors¡¯ provide legal services and help them adapt to society ruled by law.

Advanced legal services and facilities to make citizens¡¯lives more convenient

The Office studies advanced legislation of other countries, provides advice on laws and quick and accurate answers to legal questions to build high quality legal services

Photo : The Centers for Creative Economy

Services for better lives of citizenss

We set up ¡°Housing Rent Dispute Settlement Committee¡± to help resolve disputes on housing lease quickly and with a reduced cost and we improved the civil legislation system by introducing the statement assistant system to assist lawsuits for the vulnerable of the society such as the disabled. We also adopted a new system for identification so that we can prevent unnecessary disclosure of personal information. Our 111 pro-bono lawyers help North Korean defectors settle faster in South Korea by providing legal help. Furthermore, 1,500 Ma-eul lawyers, volunteer attorneys recruited in partnership with the Korean Bar Association, delivered legal services to residents in 1,422 regions including rural and remote areas, which enhanced legal service coverage for citizens. The Charitable Trust Act, which went into effect in March 2015, serves as a spearhead of our ¡®donate and share¡¯ initiative. The 9988 Legal Support Team provides free legal counseling and support in court proceedings for small and medium enterprises that are struggling from legal issues concerning business management.

Introducing advanced legal measures to foster business-friendly environment

The Bureau strives to ensure that our legal system creates a business-friendly climate and introduces advanced economic legal system that meets the global standard via revision of the Commercial Act to promote mergers and acquisitions. At Centers for Creative Economy and Innovation, our public service advocates provide practical legal support for venture companies and others facing legal difficulties.

Specialized legal services and facilities that meet the need of the globalized era

The Office has strengthened capabilities required for cross-border negotiations and legal support for businesses and has a well-structured, robust state litigation system in place. The newly established ¡®law school . national bar examination¡¯ system produces legal profession specialized in a wide range of areas to meet the ever diversifying need of the globalized age.

Legal Affairs Office
Office of Legal Counsel Reviews proposed legislation, advises on and interprets laws, and improves civil laws
Legal Affairs Division Regulates attorneys and notaries, and handles matters related to apostilles and public service advocates
International Legal Affairs Division Responds to investor-state disputes, enhances competitiveness of legal profession, forms and adopts international trade rules, and makes cooperation on international legal affairs
Litigation Division Directs and supervises state or administrative litigation, and supervises matters related to constitutional trial, state compensation and the Korean Government Legal Services
Unification Legal Affairs Division Plans legal affairs and adjusts proposed laws related to potential unification of Koreas, and provides legal support for inter-Korean exchanges
Commercial Legal Affairs Division Researches laws and rules and advises on and improves laws related to commercial affairs, and improves and exports corporate-related laws
Legal Profession Division Administers national bar examination and studies systems to hire and train legal profession