Legal Affairs Office

We help the public lead happy lives by improving laws and regulations!

The Legal Affairs Office prepares for the future by supporting legislation for the improved legal welfare of citizens and a creative economy and building a legal infrastructure fit for an era of globalization.

Photo : 9988 Legal Service

Establishing an advanced legal infrastructure to make citizens' lives more comfortable

We study advanced legislation throughout the world, provide advice on and answer to inquiries about legal matters in a swift and accurate manner to build an advanced legal infrastructure.

Legal Administration that improves the lives of people

The Bureau has listened to the voices of people to set up a new rule on travelers' protection in the Civil Act, strengthen surety protection by tightening guarantee requirements and improved civil laws such as restriction of parental rights of parents who abused their children and prohibition of claims collection practice that disgraces the debtor. We also help North Korean defectors settle in the South fast by off ering legal advice with the support of 111 pro-bono lawyers. The Bureau partnered with Korean Bar Association to recruit 1,500 Ma-eul lawyers to deploy them in 1,412 communities across the nation and to improve the legal welfare of citizens. Enacting the Public Trust Act, we strive to cultivate a culture of 'donation and sharing.' Our 9988 Legal Service System helps small- and medium-sized enterprises faced with legal problems by providing legal advice and support during the litigation process.

Photo : The Centers for Creative Economy

Creating a business-friendly nation with advanced legislation

The Bureau strives to create a business-friendly legal environment by revising the Commercial Act to promote M&As and establishing advanced economic legislation that meet the global standards. It also seconds legal affairs officials to the Centers for Creative Economy and Innovation to provide practical legal support to venture companies faced with legal problems.

Building up a legal infrastructure befitting a new era of globalization and professionalism

We have strengthened our capacity to respond at the global negotiation table, stepped up legal support for fi rms doing business overseas, and established a systematic state litigation system. We also produce legal professionals in diverse areas through a new educational system of 'law school-bar examination.'

Legal Affairs Office
Office of Legal Counsel Reviews proposed legislation, provides legal advice on and interprets legislation and realigns civil laws
Legal Affairs Division Regulates attorneys-at-law and notaries and deals with affairs related to apostilles and public service advocates
International Legal Affairs Division Responds to international investment disputes, enhances global competitiveness of the legal services industry, establishes and adopts international trade norms and cooperates on international legal affairs
Litigation Division Directs and supervises state or administrative litigation and supervises matters related to constitutional trials, state compensation and Korean Government Legal Service
Unification Legal Affairs Division Plans legal affairs and overhauls proposed legislation in preparation for the reunifi cation of the two Koreas and provides legal assistance for inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation
Office of Information Management Develops and implements plans to digitize the Ministry's administrative system and conducts information protection activities
Commercial Legal Affairs Division Researches, counsels and overhauls legislation regarding commercial matters and improves and exports corporate laws
Legal Profession Division Administers judicial and bar examinations and researches legal professional training systems