Criminal Affairs Bureau

We will realize 'Trust-based Rule of Law' through fair and consistent exercise of prosecutorial power that the public can trust

We will enforce laws in a balanced manner by strictly applying them to crimes while extending a warm hand to the marginalized to realize a 'nation governed by law.'

Photo : Realizing a fair and transparent society

Establishing the law and order and cultivating a lawabiding culture

We will defend the democratic basic order of the nation and strictly respond to unlawful acts to create a society where the law and order is respected.

Realizing a fair and transparent society by eradicating corruption

The Bureau will keep tracking down on public-sector corruptions, wasted tax, abuse of regulatory authority, etc. We will transform problems discovered during investigations translate into institutional improvements in order to root out causes of corruption from the current system.

Photo : Protecting people's lives and safety against crimes

Protecting people's lives and safety against crimes

We will respond strictly to crimes threatening the safety of people such as the four major social evils and other violent crimes, and closely work with relevant organizations to prevent disasters caused by safety negligence.

Normalizing the abnormal based on the rule of law

The Bureau will focus investigational measures on eradication of abnormal yet habitual corruptions across the society, and correct problems identified in the process.

Criminal Affairs Bureau
Prosecution Service Division Manages personnel aff airs and organization of the prosecution, and draws up and reallocates prosecutorial budgets
Criminal Affairs Division Supervises prosecution in criminal cases, sets up criminal policies, and handles matters concerning pardon
Public Security Affairs Division DDirects and supervises the prosecution in public security cases, such as anticommunism, elections and labor law violations, and takes security surveillance actions
International Criminal Affairs Division Drafts laws and treaties concerning cross-border criminal affairs, extradites criminals, makes cooperation in the criminal justice area, and transfers sentenced persons
Criminal Legislation Division Conducts and reviews research to draft, enact or revise laws concerning criminal affairs such as the Criminal Act, and the Criminal Procedure Act