Criminal Affairs Bureau

We are committed to establishing the rule of law based upon the trust of citizens through fair and consistent exercise of prosecutorial duties.

The Bureau ensures that crimes are punished rigorously while extending a helping hand to vulnerable people.

Commitment to law and order and compliance with law

The Bureau upholds democratic values and handles wrongdoings with clear principles to create society where law and orders are well observed.

Eradication of corruption: a step towards fair and transparent society

We will protect the rights and interests of the people by focusing our investigative capacity and strictly enforcing laws on bribery and other major corruption offenses and defense-industry scandals and other irregularities in the public sector. We are fully committed to realizing a corruption-free and transparent society by improving policies to tackle problems discovered in the process of investigations to eradicate a system that breeds corruption.

Photo : Protecting people's lives and safety against crimes

Crack-down on irregularities undermining economic order and establishing foundation for democratization of economy

We will make endeavors to lay the foundation for democratized economy and to uphold order and fairness in market economy. We will conduct continuous and routine control and strengthen punishment for 1) market disturbance such as stock-price manipulation, 2) crimes in pursuit of private interests such as embezzlement and breach of trust by shareholders or the management, 3) chronic unfair practices in sectors where abuse of power prevails.

Establishment of public safety from crimes

In an effort to ensure public safety from crimes, we will 1) strengthen control over and punishment for sex offense and child abuse that threatens the lives, personal safety and properties of the people, 2) consolidate our capacity to respond to violent crimes involving narcotics and organized crimes, 3) strictly respond to offenses infringing upon people¡¯s livelihood.

Criminal Affairs Bureau
Prosecution Service Division Responsible for personnel affairs, organization and budgets of prosecutors¡¯ office
Criminal Affairs Division Assists in directing and supervising criminal cases, establishes criminal policies and responsible for pardon
Public Security Affairs Division Assists in directing and supervising prosecutors of anticommunism, elections and labor-related cases, and responsible for security surveillance
International Criminal Affairs Division Drafts laws and treaties related to international criminal affairs, and is responsible for extradition of offenders, mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and transfer of inmates
Criminal Legislation Division Conducts research and review for drafting, enacting or revising criminal legislation such as the Criminal Act and the Criminal Procedure Act