Criminal Prevention Policy Bureau

We strive to create a safe society without crime!

The Bureau strives to make our society bright and healthy by preventing recidivism and supporting successful rehabilitation through probation, e-monitoring, juvenile delinquency prevention education, legal education and law and order campaigns.

Photo : Safeguarding citizens from violent crimes

Realizing a fair society by establishing law and order

The Bureau is committed to create a fair society where law and order is respected by : staging law and order public campaigns; running legal education programs customized for different ages and classes and operating an engaging portal where citizens can experience laws such as Law Love Cyeberland.

Safeguarding citizens from violent crimes

The Bureau seeks to effectively cure and protect mentally-ill sex off enders by improving sex crime treatment and rehabilitation centers and to step up our supervision of violent crimes by running e-monitoring teams across the country.

Photo : Giving hope to at-risk teenagers

Giving hope to at-risk teenagers

The Bureau ensures teenagers lead bright and healthy lives. We are dedicated to prevent at-risk or delinquent teenagers from committing misdeeds or crimes by providing alternative education programs at juvenile delinquency prevention centers and customized education programs at juvenile reformatories.

'Probation' both prevents repeated crimes and contributes to the society

Through an effective 'probation system', we closely monitor and supervise offenders on probation with a high risk of recidivism. The Bureau has also expanded the scope of community service to support rural areas and improvement of living conditions of the marginalized to help the lives of working families.

Criminal Prevention Policy Bureau
Crime Prevention Planning Division Plans the overall activities of the Bureau and deals with personnel management, organization and budget
Law and Order Advancement Division Stages law and order campaigns, develops and disseminates content e.g. legal education programs and manages online content called Law Love Cyberland
Protection Legislation Division Enacts and revises laws concerning probation, juvenile protection and custody, executes custody-related work, and serves serves protective agencies
Juvenile Division Devises juvenile protection policies, and supervises the accommodation, education and evaluation of juvenile protection institutions
Probation and Parole Division Oversees probation, community service and judicial orders to attend lectures
High-Risk Offender Management Division Oversees electronic monitoring, sex off ender registration, sexual impulse medication treatment, and the probation and parole of high-risk offenders