Criminal Prevention Policy Bureau

We strive to build a crime-free society!

We reduce reoffending and assist in offenders¡¯ rehabilitation through probation, electronic monitoring, youth delinquency prevention education, legal education and lawcompliance campaign and lead the way toward safe and sound society.

Realizing a fair society by establishing law and order

We carry out the law compliance campaign, provide legal education programs customized for different ages and classes, from children to adults, and engage with citizens through Love-Law Cyberland and other online channels with the view of creating fair society in which law and order is respected.

Safeguarding the public from sexual violence and other violent crimes

We provide effective treatment and accommodation to sex offenders through improved crime treatment and rehabilitation centers and strengthen monitoring and supervision of violent offenders by running electronic monitoring teams across the country in order to ensure the safety of the public.

Giving hopes to teenagers at risk

Our youth delinquency prevention centers provide delinquency prevention education, strict supervision and protection support for teenagers on probation and customized education for young people in juvenile reformatories to prevent potential wrongdoings and reoffending of vulnerable teenagers to help them lead healthy and bright life.

Preventing recidivism through re-offending prediction system

We analyze the social network of a person placed under probation supervision to enable optimized supervision for each offender, and tap into information about a particular probationer¡¯s possibility and potential timing of recommitment to prevent it in advance. This way, we contribute to making the country safe and secure for our citizens.

Criminal Prevention Policy Bureau
Crime Prevention Planning Division Responsible for planning, personnel management, organization, budgeting and preventing youth crime of the Bureau
Law and Order Advancement Division Develops and disseminates diverse initiatives, such as law-compliance campaign, legal education programs and Love-Law Cyberland
Protection Legislation Division Responsible for laws related to probation, youth protection and custody, execution of custody-related tasks and public officers¡¯ service in protection agencies
Probation and Parole Division Responsible for probation and parole, community service order, education/treatment order, and rehabilitation and protection of released prisoners
Juvenile Division Sets up juvenile protection policies and responsible for classification review, accommodation, education, and after care of juvenile protection institutions
High-Risk Offender Management Division Responsible for electronic monitoring, sex offender registration and pharmacological treatment of sex offenders and probation and parole of high-risk offenders