Human Rights Bureau

It is our mission to champion human rights of all individuals in the country.

The MOJ creates a society that respects human rights of all individuals.

National champion of human rights

A government-wide framework plan for national human rights policies, spanning introduction of a wide range of human rights protection programs and implementation of international human rights law, is developed by the Bureau. The National Human Rights Action Plan is adopted and its implementation is monitored by the National Human Rights Policy Council. The Bureau engages with the United Nations, domestic and foreign government agencies, the academia and civil society in discharging its mandates of advancement of human rights protection.

Strong protection, support and legal aid for crime victims

To provide victims of crime with practical and systematic support and protection, we continually revise related legislations and system and closely work with local governments and private institutions. Our legal aid and service programs for marginalized citizens ensure every single person is protected against human rights violations.

Photo : Protecting women and children

Remedy and prevention of human rights violation

We are committed to providing prompt and effective remedy for human rights violations that may take place in the process of undertaking the MOJs responsibilities such as prosecution, correction, crime prevention and border control. To significantly improve the human rights situation, we carry out human rights education and conduct fact-finding into the conditions of detention and protection facilities as the preventive mechanism for human rights abuses. We perform regular assessments of human rights protection in the course of administration of legal affairs, and operate the human rights abuses reporting center.

Protection of women and children who are socially vulnerable

We are in charge of establishing legal policies and managing-coordinating the institutional improvement with regard to the prevention measures for crimes against women and children, such as sexual violence and child abuse, and the protection of human rights. We will make a society that is safe and equal for women and children by conducting gender equality education and supporting the appointment of statement assistants and public defenders for the victims.

Human Rights Bureau
Human Rights Policy Division Oversees and coordinates national human rights policies; takes charge of international human rights affairs; and makes exchanges and cooperates with domestic and international human rights institutions
Human Rights Support Division Oversees protection and support of crime victims, and establishes and implements legal aid policies
Human Rights Investigation Division Investigates and remedies human rights violation cases; conducts fact-findings on the conditions of detention and protection facilities; delivers human rights education; and evaluates the state of human rights protection of the MOJ, etc.
Human Rights of Women and Children Division Protects rights of women and children; establishes, coordinates, oversees and implements relevant policies; and conducts education on gender equality