Human Rights Bureau

The protection of human rights is the ultimate value we pursue!

The Ministry will stand at the forefront to create a society where human rights of every person are respected.

Photo : Remedying and preventing human rights violations

At the heart of national human rights policies

The Bureau runs a national human rights policy roundtable to establish and implement government-wide framework plans, adopts diverse human rights protection schemes and executes international human rights rules. It also conducts exchanges and cooperation with the United Nations, government agencies at home and abroad, academia and civil society to build an advanced human rights infrastructure.

Stepping up protection, support for crime victims and legal aid

We upgrade laws and the system and closely work with local governments and private organizations for more practical and systematic support and protection of crime victims. The Bureau is passionately pushing for legal aid and legal welfare projects for the marginalized to assist those who are neglected in society.

Photo : Protecting women and children

Remedying and preventing human rights violations

The Bureau is committed to prompt and effective remedy of human rights violations taking place in the process of the legal administration such as the prosecution service, correction services, crime prevention, and immigration control. We strive to actively improve human rights situations through diverse activities, e.g. education on human rights violation prevention, inspection of detention·protective centers, evaluation of human rights situations in the legal administration, and human rights violation call centers.

Protecting women and children

The Bureau supervises and coordinates policy establishment and system upgrade for the prevention of crimes targeting women and children e.g. sexual crime, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and child abuse and protection of their human rights. We run the women and children's policy deliberation committee, and deliver education programs on diversity and violence prevention to ensure gender equality.

Human Rights Bureau
Human Rights Oversees and coordinates national human rights policies, and makes exchanges and cooperation with human rights watchdogs at home and abroad
Human Rights Support Division Oversees the protection of and support for crime victims, and sets up and implements legal aid policies
Human Rights Investigation Division Investigates and remedies human rights violation cases, inspects detention or protection facilities, delivers human rights education, monitors human rights protections in the legal administration
Human Rights of Women and Children Division Protectsthe the rights of women and children and establishes, coordinates, oversees and implements relevant policies