Korea Correctional Service

We promise dreams and hopes for tomorrow by realizing the rule of law and correctional service that can be trusted

We facilitate inmates' successful reintegration with bright and stable accommodation, effective correctional programs, vocational training and employment support.

Photo : A correctional service that can win the trust and hearts of inmates

A correctional service that can win the trust and hearts of inmates

The Service pursues a correctional administration that can win trust and touch the hearts of inmates through tailored treatment for each inmate, vocational training connected to employment, and support for at-risk families. We promote talent donation and love sharing programs and communication with local communities to realize a correction service that can earn people's trust and love.

A correctional service that brings change to people's lives

We deliver practical programs that can bring fundamental change to inmates, such as intensive character-building education and engaging culture and art programs. Our psychological therapy centers and mental health centers provide services aimed to cure criminal nature.

Photo : A correctional service that leads the way to the future

A correctional service based on law and principles

We strive to firmly establish law and order and win the trust of the public by administering correctional service on the basis of law and principles, e.g. improving laws concerning correctional service, upholding order in facilities and fairly managing the parole system.

A correctional service that leads the way to the future

The Service has put in place innovative systems such as visitation through smart phone and online teleconference systems remote medical care and the classification centers. We continue to keep researching ways to develop future correctional service.

Korea Correctional Service
Correctional Policy General Affairs & Planning Division Takes charge of planning, personnel management, service supervision, decorations, public relations and international cooperation, and laws and litigation concerning correction service
Vocational Training Division Plans and manages prison labor, delivers vocational trainings, and helps inmates find jobs or start businesses upon release
Social Reintegration Division Plans inmate education and provides education for and supports rehabilitation of the soon-to-be-released
Welfare Division In charge of budgeting, accounts settlement, and managing correctional facilities, clothing and meals
Security Policy Security Division Supervises accommodations, transfers, treatment, release and visitation of inmates and manages security equipment
Classification & Examination Division Oversees parole, inmate classification and treatment, petition of inmates, human rights, and private prisons
Health Care Division Supervises the health and hygiene of inmates, medical treatments · pharmaceuticals, medical check-up and disease prevention
Psychological Treatment Division Professional psychological treatment, correctional officer mental health improvement, treatment intervention for prisoner(sex offence, child abuse, addictive behaviour-drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.), counseling for suicidal behaviour of inmates.