Korea Correctional Service

Rule of law and correctional services built on trust guarantee bright and hopeful future!

Our effective rehabilitation programs, bright and stable detention surroundings, vocational training and employment support help inmates successfully integrate back into society.

Photo : A correctional service that can win the trust and hearts of inmates

Correctional services winning trust and hearts of inmates and residents

We pursue correctional services that can win the trust and heart of inmates through differential treatment based on their circumstances, vocational training linked to future employment and support for inmates families faced with risks. We promote volunteer activities and talent donation and actively engage with communities to make correctional institutions trusted and loved by local residents.

Correctional services bringing positive changes to offenders

To bring positive fundamental changes to the mind of offenders, the Bureau takes a practical approach to correction and reformation by carrying out character education programs and hands-on cultural activities. Our psychological treatment centers and mental health centers help reduce the chance of re-offending through counseling, education, and treatment.

Correctional services based on laws and principles

By revising laws concerning correctional services, establishing order in detention facilities and operating the parole system in a fair manner, we observe laws and principles to win the trust of the public

Correctional services leading the future

Having established and implemented innovative systems from smart visitation, online video visitation to remote medical care and classification centers, we strive to conduct research to further develop the correctional services.

Korea Correctional Service
Correctional Policy General Affairs & Planning Division Responsible for planning, personnel management, organization, personnel performance, awards and decorations, public relations and international cooperation, and laws and litigation concerning correction services
Vocational Training Division Plans and manages prison labor, delivers vocational training, and helps inmates find jobs or start businesses
Social Reintegration Division Plans education and correctional programs for inmates, and delivers vocational training and other assistance to offenders soon to be released to reintegrate into society
Welfare Division Responsible for budget, settlement of accounts, and management of correctional facilities, uniforms and meals
Security Policy Security Division Responsible for detention, transfer, treatment, discharge and visitation of inmates, and security equipment
Classification & Examination Division Responsible for parole, classified treatment, petition and human rights of inmates, and private prisons
Health Care Division Responsible for health and hygiene of inmates, medical treatment, medicine, medical examination and disease prevention
Psychological Treatment Division Builds infrastructure for providing psychological treatment to high-risk offenders