Korea Immigration Service

Korea walks hand in hand with the world!

The Immigration Service pursues a greater Korea that embraces the world through cordial immigration inspections, unbiased yet fair treatment of foreigners to promote openness and harmony.

Photo : Comprehensive and organized foreign policies

Comprehensive and organized foreign policies

As the authority in implementing foreign policies, Korea Immigration Service has established the 5-year basic plan (the 2nd Basic Plan for Immigration Policy), and accordingly, has set up and pushed for 5 core values ? openness·integration·human rights·safety·cooperation and policy goals with the vision of 'dynamic Korea growing together with the world.'

Strengthening national competitiveness and orderly opening of borders

We have devised diverse measures to host talented professionals and students from around the world and at the same time taken strict measures against illegal immigrants.

Photo : Genuine social integration based on mutual understanding

Genuine social integration based on mutual understanding

We implement practical policies that protect human rights to ensure foreigners residing in Korea live without discrimination and help immigrants adapt to the society.

Reliable, customer-oriented administration

We provide advanced immigration services by enhancing conveniences for travelers through streamlined immigration procedures. We also educate immigration offi cers to nurture a compassionate mindset to contribute to our national image.

Korea Immigration Service
Immigration Policy Immigration Planning Division In charge of planning regarding immigration policies, personnel management, organization, budgeting, publicity and international cooperation regarding immigration
Border Control Division Conducts cross-border and inter-Korean immigration inspections, and controls immigrations
Visa and Residence Division Supervises policies and the issuance of visas, policies regarding alien residence management and residence approval
Investigation and Enforcement Division Surveys foreigner trends, inspects immigration off enders, and is in charge of the protection and deportation of foreigners
IT Strategy and Management Division Digitizes administrative work regarding immigration policies, and complies and analyzes statistics about foreigner policies
Nationality Integration Policy Immigrant Integration Division Oversees parole, classifi cation and treatment, petition of inmates, human rights, and private prisons
Nationality Division Deals with the acquisition and loss of nationality and dual nationality
Refugee Division In charge of the recognition of refugee status and provides support for their settlement