Korea Immigration Service

Our aspiration for a Global Korea starts here!

Streamlined immigration processing, a society embracing diversity and an emphasis on openness and harmony are values that drives our mission to create a greater Korea.

We strive for comprehensive and systematic immigration policies

The KIS, as a control tower of designing immigration policies, has set up a 5-year, midlong term plan (the Second Basic Plan for Immigration Policy). This gave us the rationale to set ¡°A vibrant Korea aiming for greater prominence with global citizens on the global stage¡± as our vision, and is working on our objectives with an emphasis on our five core values - openness, integration, human dignity, protection and cooperation.

We strive for better national competitiveness and openness of our borders in an orderly manner

We work on devising various measures to welcome talented people and international students to Korea, but also do exert special effort in dealing with illegal residents.

We nurture empathy for social cohesion

We design policies to protect human rights of foreign residents and support new Koreans to adjust to our society, thereby creating an accommodating environment for newcomers.

We aim for speedier & traveler-friendly immigration clearance

We work for greater passengers¡¯ convenience by offering simplified immigration processing, and ensure passenger safety by employing i-PreChecking and eliminate possibilities of potentially dangerous people from boarding Korea-bound flights from the very beginning. This guarantees national security.

Korea Immigration Service
Immigration Policy Immigration Planning Division Drafts immigration policies, oversees administrative work, handles HR/organisation management, budget allocation, PR and international cooperation
Border Control Division Handles immigration processing/inter-Korean immigration inspections, devises entry regulation measures
Visa and Residence Division Designs VISA/migrant policies, manages VISA/foreign residence permit issuance
Investigation and Enforcement Division Handles trend analyses of foreign residents¡¯ entries/departures, investigates/expels immigration law perpetrators, protects needy foreign residents
IT Strategy and Management Division Handles digitisation of immigration processing and related work, compiles/analyses statistics
Nationality Integration Policy Immigrant Integration Division Handles legal matters (preparation work for amendment/enactment of bills), manages Immigration Policy Commission, drafts annual Basic Plan for Immigration Policy and plans its implementation and evaluation schemes
Nationality Division Manages and improves naturalisation/loss of citizenship policies and laws
Immigrant Integration Division Designs social integration policies for migrants, issues VISA for marriage immigrants and manages their residence status
Refugee Division Oversees refugee policies, reviews refugee recognition procedures, accepts/supports resettled refugees