Office of the Inspector General

We promise to carry out thorough inspections for trustworthy and transparent MOJ.

We will cope strictly with internal irregularities through a fair and transparent audit and inspection system and promote a culture of integrity throughout the MOJ to earn the trust of our citizens.

Photo : Constant inspections for a reliable Ministry and prosecution

Extensive and year-round inspections for trustworthy MOJ and prosecutorsí» offices

We conduct extensive inspections all year round for impartial performance of official duties and eliminate systematic irregularities to win the trust of our citizens.

Thorough audits for reasonable and fair law administration services

We ensure the services of MOJ are reasonable, fair and accountable through in-depth audits based on expertise.

Photo : Creating a transparent culture that meets the expectation of citizens

Creation of a culture of integrity that meets the expectations of our citizens

We provide various trainings to help our public officials comply with the public service ethics, and handle internal irregularities strictly so as to create a culture of integrity that satisfies the expectations of our citizens.

Inspection Bureau
Special Review and Investigation Division carries out investigations into petitions and irregularities and inspects the MOJ and prosecutorsí» offices
Audit and Inspection Division conducts audits on the agencies and organizations under the MOJ