Office of Spokesperson

We keep our eyes and ears open to the people.

We listen to the voices of the people and serve as a channel for communication for the administration of the Ministry to the people.

Photo:Satisfying citizens' right to know

Satisfying citizens' right to know

The offi ce strives to ensure citizens' right to know by announcing ministerial policies closely related to the lives of people in a prompt and accessible way through press releases, press conferences and interviews with concerned officials.

Listening to the voices of people from different walks of life

We gather opinions and ideas of people from all walks of life about major policy issues. We carefully review calls from people through newspapers, broadcasters and the new media and convey them to the legal administration.

Photo:A step closer to citizens through diverse media channels

A step closer to citizens through diverse media channels

We try to get closer to the public by making use of online channels familiar to people. We tap into the Ministry's website, blogs and social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) to introduce the Ministry's policies and gather opinions of the public in real time.

Public Relations Office Establishes and coordinates the Ministry's public relations plans, and manages matters related to ministerial policies