Office of Spokesperson

Sincere communication is the key to MOJ!

We keep our eyes and ears open to the public and let them engage in carrying out legal administration with us.

Photo:Satisfying citizens' right to know

Satisfying the publics right to know

We strive to get closer to the public by announcing policy news promptly through diverse channels - press releases, press conferences and interviews.

Collecting extensive opinions

We strive to lay a strong foundation for legal services by fully reflecting the opinions on legal policies collected from all walks of life through newspapers, broadcasting, online media and other channels.

Photo:A step closer to citizens through diverse media channels

Promoting policies for better understanding

To make the public feel our policies are easy to understand and accessible, we tap into online channels from our official website, blogs and social networking sites (Twitter and Facebook) to YouTube. We provide online briefings where directors in charge of given policies appear in person to communicate and webcomics depicting before and after the implementation of policies to take a closer step to the public.

Public Relations Office Establishes and coordinates public relations plans and responds to situations related to MOJ policies