Planning & Coordination Bureau

The Planning and Coordination Bureau consists of: the Office of Policy Development, the Office of Emergency Safety Planning, the Office of Planning and Budget, the Administrative Management Division, Office of Law & Order,the Office of Facility Management, and the Office of Information Management, the Office of Criminal Justice Information System and the Office of Planning Prosecutors.

The Office of Policy Development assists the Deputy Minister in handling the overall affairs of the Bureau.

The Office of Emergency Safety Planning establishes and coordinates plans for the state of national emergency. It also manages governmental emergency training; supervises the workplace reserve forces and the civilian defense corps; and deals with other matters related to emergency planning.

The Office of Planning and Budget devises and coordinates policies and plans for the Ministry. The office presents guidelines for major projects and handles budgetary and financial matters. It also strives to coordinate collaborative tasks of the National Assembly, political parties and the government.

The Administrative Management Division is in charge of personnel management; oversees the management of the organization of the Ministry; establishes plans to improve administrative system and guides the execution of such plans. It also takes responsibility of public service evaluation and performance management. Other important responsibilities of the office are handling complaints filed by citizens and reforming the complaint management system.

The Office of Facility Management develops and coordinates plans to prepare, maintain and use the Ministry's facilities; works to plan, execute and supervise the Ministry's construction projects; and produces data concerning the composition and allocation of the General Account Budget for National Property Management.

The Office of Information Management formulates and executes comprehensive plans to computerize the Ministry's administrative system; develops and manages the Ministry's intranet system and website; and assists the Ministry's affiliates in their computerization of administration.

The Office of Criminal Justice Information System manages the criminal justice information system and criminal justice services portal and promotes criminal justice digitization policy.

The Office of Planning Prosecutors develops and coordinates legal administration policy and conducts research and study.