Crime Prevention Policy Bureau

The Crime Prevention Policy Bureau develops and implements various policies to protect Korean society from crimes. It consists of the Crime Prevention Planning Division, the Law and Order Advancement Division, the Protection Legislation Division, the Juvenile Division, and the Probation & Parole Division.

The Crime Prevention Planning Division is responsible for community safety, rehabilitation administration and budget management. It also deals with personnel management of the Bureau, drafts relevant laws and regulations, and conducts researches on related fields.

The Law and Order Advancement Division campaigns for law and order establishment and develops and distributes legal education programs and other content including online games for law education.

The Protection Legislation Division carries out plans to prevent crimes and recidivism and operates the Medical Treatment and Custody Deliberation Committee and medical treatment and custody facilities. It provides proper treatment for criminals by reflecting social changes, assists criminals' successful reintegration into society, and contributes to productive welfare. The Division also focuses on further specializing volunteers through programs for competence-building and crime prevention advisors.

The Juvenile Division is in charge of community safety and rehabilitation administration for juvenile delinquents. It directs the operation of Juvenile Training Schools(juvenile reformatories) and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Centers, latter of which were established in 2007 to educate preteens and teens in the beginning stage of delinquency so that they can be reintegrated into society more easily. The Division also manages the operation of Juvenile Classification and Examination Centers, whose main functions are to accommodate juveniles sent from the Family Courts and to prepare various documents necessary for trial.
In addition, it is responsible for operating the educational curriculum of Juvenile Training Schools and Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Centers. It also administers aftercare such as vocational training and job placement for juvenile delinquents released from custody.

The Probation & Parole Division establishes and implements comprehensive plans regarding probation and parole administration, community service order, and attendance center order. It also directs and supervises the operation of probation offices and the Korea Rehabilitation Agency.