Social Protection & Rehabilitation


The Social Protection and Rehabilitation Bureau includes several divisions.

They are the Protection Division, the Investigation Division, the Probation and Parole Division, the 1 st Juvenile Division, and the 2nd Juvenile Division.

The functions of this Bureau are to establish comprehensive planning for social protective dispositions, to direct and supervise protective custody cases, and to operate the Community Protection Committee whose function is to examine the parole of protective custody inmates. A major task is to formulate and implement a comprehensive plan for juvenile delinquents. Aftercare such as vocational training and job arrangement for ex-convicts is also a duty of the Bureau.

Finally, the Bureau manages and supervises the operation of the Probation Offices, the Parole Examination Committee, the Juvenile Training Schools, the Juvenile Classification Offices, the Psychiatric Institutions, and the Korean Rehabilitation Agency Since the establishment of the Social Protection and Rehabilitation Bureau in1981 with the enactment of the Social Protection Law, it has continued to expand its capabilities in order to provide more efficient services. Recently the Bureau extended its services to community -based treatment, including probation and parole of all adult offenders.