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KICS(Korea Information System of Criminal Justice Service)

1. System Architecture

System Structure

While the Court, the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecution Service and the National Police operate their respective information system independently, 4 individual information systems are closely linked to the joint components of KICS. This joint component is operated by the Office of Criminal Justice Information System. For stable operation of each agency¡¯s system and joint components of KICS, all systems are organically interfaced and managed.

KICS structure overview
KICS (Joint Components) : National Police System, Court System, Prosecution Service System, Ministry of Justice System

2. Main Services

Common Use of Information among Criminal Justice Agencies

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Each user in every criminal justice agency is given a separate ID to access KICS and prepare electronic documents such as written judgment, indictment, warrants and protocol. These written documents are encoded and stored in KICS in XML data format to be shared and distributed among other agencies when needed.

Previously not having any interface system between individual agencies, each agency had to make duplicate efforts for entry of identical information in its respective systems several times. Now KICS enables information once inputted in KICS to be delivered to and shared among agencies with promptness and accuracy.

The National Police provides 80 types of information including statement of opinion, document of transferring case, rap sheet to KICS. The Prosecutors Service provides 159 types of information including indictment, written decision on non-indictment, written request for warrant, commands for law enforcement. The Court provides 75 types of information including warrant issuance/dismissal information, trial date, written judgment. The Ministry of Justice provides 86 types of information including information on accommodation and person in protective supervision. A total of 400 types of information is shared through KICS. (As of JUN 2014)

Complete Digitalization of DUI/Unlicensed Driving Offences

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Initial booking and investigation by the National Police
  • A field officer in charge of DUI enters the blood alcohol level of the suspect into a PDA device and sends the data to the police station.
  • The suspect decides whether to comply investigation and adjudication with electronic summary proceedings. During police investigation through summary proceedings, the suspect can observe simultaneously what the police officer is typing in with a two-way screen.
  • After investigation, the suspect confirms the online statement written by the police officer and signs it by using a sign pad and then the officer adds one¡¯s electronic signature. The officer produces additional electronic documents such as written opinion and record inventory and sends them directly to the Prosecution Service through KICS.
Additional Investigation and Indictment by the Prosecution Service
  • Prosecutor reviews the records sent by the police and summons the suspect or witness if additional investigation is required. The additional investigation processes are same as how the police officers do.
  • If additional investigation is not required, an electronic indictment is prepared and sent to the Court to request a summary order.
Summary Order by the Court
  • The Court decides a sentence based on the records and produces electronic summary order.
  • The summary order is uploaded to KICS Portal allowing involved parties to review the information, while uploaded fact is notified through the electronic notification methods (e.g. SMS, email) according to the information written on summary proceeding consent sheet.
  • When the defendant checks the summary order on KICS Portal, it is considered that the notification is legally delivered.
Law Enforcement by the Prosecution Service and the Ministry of Justice
  • When paying fines, a defendant can identify his/her fine amount and account to be paid through KICS Portal. The defendant can pay immediately through internet banking and confirm the result of payment on KICS Portal.
  • Even in a case that the defendant fails to pay the fine within a due date, compulsory execution is proceeded by producing an electronic written commands and attaching an electronic summary order.

Online Criminal Justice Information Services (KICS Portal Operation)

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Before implementing KICS services, to make inquiries on involved case proceedings people had to call or visit four different criminal justice agencies such as the Court, the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecution Service, and the National Police separately. Especially to issue evidential documents or pay a fine, it was compulsory to visit each of the respective agencies.

KICS Portal has resolved these kinds of inconveniences. Now people can access KICS Portal at anywhere and anytime and inquire the progression of their case proceedings whenever they want.

The KICS Portal provides totally 74 different types of the internet and mobile services. Inquiries on notices, written judgment and written decision on non-indictment services are all served through online. Inquiries on unpaid fine/penalty and request for refund of provisional payment are also available through KICS Portal.

For the public conveniences KICS Portal provides online links for reporting crimes such as narcotics, corruption and election offence; various types of forms related to criminal cases such as written accusation and petition of appeal; general information on criminal cases proceedings such as investigation, adjudication and law enforcement; jurisdiction information by agencies; information on judicial precedents of criminal cases; legislation information. These criminal justice information are comprehensively provided by KICS Portal as a one-stop service.

With the launch of the victim support service, victims can inquire their case proceedings through the internet or mobile application without visiting individual agency. Victims can also enjoy the online search for victim support agencies covering total of 1,032 agencies across the country with the personalized filtering option by crime type or preferred location.

3. Management Statistics

Current Status

Current Status
Categories Monthly Average
(JAN~SEP 2015)
(JUL.12. 2010. ~ SEP 30. 2015.)
Number of access to KICS Portal 2,006,045 94,701,694
Number of access to Inquiry on case proceedings 468,319 15,411,199
Number of access to inquiry on fine and penalty 145,900 5,588,182
Number of issued evidential document 1,578 71.529
Number of access to victim support service 2,720 86,422(After DEC 2012)
Number of access to foreign language service 3,636 87,493
Number of proceeded DUI/Unlicensed Driving Offenses via KICS 8,842 497,294
Number of Information shard among agencies via KICS 561,355 33,827,260

4. Effects of Implementation


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With the introduction of KICS Portal, people can enjoy the one-stop service at their time of conveniences and have easier access to the criminal justice information. Rapid case proceedings has enabled people to concentrate on their own normal lives in a short time. Preventing defendants from being wanted criminals as a result of address change during case proceedings has strengthened people¡¯s rights and interests. With personalized service via internet and mobile application, KICS contributes to realize a blueprint of ¡°Government 3.0¡± towards openness, sharing, communication and cooperation.

Real-time inquiry service on case proceedings brought about increased transparency in national criminal justice proceedings. Criminal justice agencies has strengthened criminal justice responsibility by controlling over internal user account and archiving log records.

Digitalized information services such as online petition receipt/processing and fine/penalty execution reduced the demands for human labors and administrative costs. Reduced paper documents and replaced service deliveries from post to e-mail have effected cost savings.

Information sharing among agencies has contributed to increase accuracy and efficiency of criminal justice workflows. Reduced time for information inquiry and no need of repeated entry of identical information has improved work process speed.

5. Future Plans

Future Plans

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The Office of Criminal Justice Information System has more plans ahead to achieve greater harmony among agencies and reward to the people¡¯s trust in criminal justice.

KICS Future Plan info-graph
KICS( Future
Devlopment of the crimial justice Statistice System
With establishing the criminal justice statics system, KICS will realize personalized crime preventin policy based on exact ststistics and it's analysis.
Expansion of Complete Disitalzation in Criminal Justice Information Affairs
Through gradual digitalization of criminal hustice information affairs, the scope of complete digitalization will be expanded.
Expansion of the Online Service on Crimial Justice Affairs
KICS online service will be expanded enabling peolpe to submit various documents if cases and get deliveries of documents eletronically.