SERVICE HI-TECH International Child Abduction

SEM('Smart Electronic Monitoring' on the Way)

1. Overview of the System


The need is growing for electronic monitoring that can not only locate the wearer and respond afterwards as now but also detect signs of potential offense, enabling preemptive measures.

Smart Electronic Monitoring?

Electronic monitor containing sensors + crime prediction system

Analyzes the wearer's crime history, motion and vital signs, e.g. pulse rate and skin temperature to predict re-offending. Two key tasks are developing the electronic monitor and the system.

Main Content

right arrow Developing an all-in-one electronic monitor that contains sensors (in 2016)

To develop a monitor that can detect the wearer's physiological data such as pulse rate, body temperature and motion to monitor in real-time if the wearer is drunk or placed on the monitor.

Sensors-containing Electronic Monitor
sample) Illustrates a sample unit

Illustrates a sample unit developed in Dec. 2015 accurately measuring heart rate, skin temperature and movement.

The monitor will be an all-in-one anklet equipped with positioning function, such as GPS, of existing portable devices.
* The Justice Minister directed adoption of an all-in-one device in the wake of an incident on Dec. 2015 where the offender abandoned the device and went missing.

right arrow Developing the phase-1 crime prediction system (in 2016)

A program that analyzes the wearer's past offenses, present travel patterns, weather information, etc. and predicts risk of re-offending.

Signs of Potential Offending
sample) Crime Prediction System Screen-shot
Crime Prediction System
A simulation of recommitment of sexual crime of a wearer by the preliminary system developed in Aug. 2015 issued warnings 7 and 2 days before and on the day of the actual recommitment.
- Enables identification of warning signs of re-offending and time for a probation officer's intervention.
right arrow Completing development of the smart electronic monitoring system (in 2017)

A real-time crime prediction system will be realized as the electronic monitor that sensors exterior information collects and transfers the wearer's physiological data to the crime prediction system.

Expected Results

Reduced recidivism by early supervision of a probation officer by detecting signs of potential recommitment.

Enhanced effectiveness of electronic monitoring by preventing a wearer from abandoning the device, which can disable positioning.